The Chanel Suit


Its been raining waaay too much where we’re at so that was interfering with our daily fashion inspiration photos! But perhaps, it’s because today’s a Friday, the mood has seeped into us a little bit more, enough to take a snap of this look. (note the cloudy skyline, completely not good to work with 🙂

Presenting the quintessential super-chic Chanel skirt suit that’s been in the closet for sometime…until today!

I love it, isnt it just gorgeous and super timeless? I know thats a word that thrown around a few times with Chanel,but it really is timeless!


P/S: We’ve also been pretty busy shopping and amassing our big winter wardrobe. If you follow us on instagram @justabitcliche, you’ll see we’ve been naughty stocking up some great cold weather staples…which we also will wear in warm climates sometimes (or so we lie to ourselves 🙂

Til then!




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