Odd Colors

Odd Colors

When we shop these days, if its white or black, we’ll grab it with both hands.

Here I wear a fringed lace top from Topshop, that I bought in London last summer. I added the otherwise odd colors like gold and light purple to a mostly light outfit. Black shoes and a black bag on a light-colored outfit is pretty tried and tested – nothing wrong with that at all, but this look is just bordering on playful, from the quirky hat to my (always-disheveled:) hair. It pops, just like that playful red at the strap of the Chanel. Its unexpected!

I got bored of my wardrobe after our winter vacation (its pretty common for me, I call it the ‘Winter Slump’:) and I don’t know if it’s out of habit but I have been putting on alot of thicker and/or longer sleeved clothes through my head since we came back! Could I have been chilled to the bone?!

I love the acquisition of this classic hat by Lack Of Color. They are an Aussie brand, kind of cult in a way – but then again, aren’t most hat brands? My super favourite hat maker is Maison Michel but seeing as to how incredibly tough it is to land one on my head, that is of the right size…But I am absolutely happy with this Muse hat, its got that stiff brim that I love. I’m pretty sure I’ll get another one pretty soon 🙂

The Boy bag doesn’t need an explanation but oh my god isn’t it beautiful!!! :”D

Top by Topshop
Pants by Berska Collection
Shoes by Vince Camuto
Chanel 2014 Gold Boy



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