Signature Look





If I could describe myself purely just by what I wear – this would be pretty close to it. If you’re wondering what I’m like, this is it! 
Growing up I’ve always been a tomboy so you can basically understand why I this is one of my signature looks. It’s sporty, a little avant-garde in a way, yet so modern and tasty. When I wake up in the morning and grab a few things from my wardrobe, the finishing look has to have some *muscle flex* (oh you know that iPhone icon with the biceps! 😀

It needs to have that “grr”, and this could be some spunky jewellery, some dark eye makeup which I almost always have on, or items like these Nike hi-tops and Kenzo cap! (both prized possessions! 😀 )
I’m a little mad about the evil eye concept so when I saw this cap in Kenzo’s new arrival I had to have it! 😀


Kenzo Cap
Mango Jacket
Guess Premium Jeans
Nike kicks
Gucci Boston Bag
Chanel J12 Watch


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