Jakarta, Indonesia

I spent the past week in Jakarta so I decided to write a blogpost on street fashion. I’ve been here a few times before and its good to be back. Plus, this city is pretty huge and so populated that theres always something interesting for a tourist to see!

The weather is similar to Singapore – humid, hot and if you’re unlucky the haze can get pretty bad a few times a year. I packed alot of basics and dresses that were thin.

Here are two outfits I wore in Jakarta. From Keepsake The Label and Dorothy Perkins.



Coincidentally, Victoria Beckham was also in town to launch her accessories line with On Pedder at Plaza Indonesia! What can I say, I have never seen a lady so poised, fabulously gloomy (you know the kind that works), and well, so proper!
Check out her amazing collection at victoriabeckham.com. The capsule is very structured and to-the-point, fuss-free yet exceeding luxurious that I could sniff the buffalo leather just from looking at it from afar. My personal favourite is the Quincy bag. And if you pop by instagram, you’ll see a new addition which is the mirrored aviators by Victoria Beckham.

I came across this local designer in a mall and absolutely thought its just the perfect photo for this post! Its a twist on the pin-up dress with a very traditional Indonesian print called the Batik. I love how the designer combined old and new, east and west.


Jakarta has some really talented designers and you can always sense the Indonesian roots in their designs like the batik print and other traditional arts. They are in love with their culture and its so refreshing to see. With its large Muslim population, Jakarta is a leading nation for modest fashion with style inspirations from celebrities, bloggers and local designers.

Jakarta’s everyday street fashion is mostly laid-back, but when you start appearing at store openings or fashion events, the fashion wolves come out dripping in designer labels. During my two week stay, it was not uncommon to spot the ever rare and luxurious limited edition Hermes Himalaya Birkin – which I believe starts from 70 000USD. The gap between the haves and have-nots is pretty massive in Jakarta, being a tourist and a girl from Singapore with everything so manicured and neat, being driven in a Jakarta cab through the slums and into a luxury mall really opens up your eyes about the disparity of living standards. Hence, it was pretty difficult to snap photos of personal style in the streets of Jakarta and while I have bumped into people with interesting outfits, they were pretty private and not big on being photographed!

However, I managed to make some new friends. While shopping in H&M for their Conscious line, I met two kind ladies (who were shopping during lunch!) didn’t mind to be photographed in their ‘office wear’!


Corporate wear is much more relaxed, particularly due to the humidity. For the ladies who don the headscarf over here, they tend to go for the brighter colour palettes for their daily outfit. Somehow I think it always works because the hijab is sort of like the finishing touch to the whole outfit – you can seal up your whole look with the headscarf. It’s kind of like shoes – you choose it as the last step of getting ready, or you build an outfit around it!

If I could sum up Jakarta this picture of the ladies would be it. Indonesians are one of the kindest, and humble people I’ve ever met and 70% of the ladies dress like this. One thing is for sure, what they wear is a really big smile, and that’s just perfect.

Nat xx


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