The black and white of things



Black and white is an addiction, there should be a scientific condition for that alongside OCD, ADD, ADHD and whatever else.

Or maybe there already is, then you are very welcome to educate all of us 😜

When I put on white jeans, I look for a top with a certain fluidity in the fabric that would give me a more flattering shape. White jeans normally looks “rigid” purely due to it being the color that it is, even though they can have alot of elastane stretch. I avoid belts at all cost with white jeans because it automatically chops your body in half. What you would want to achieve is a single non stop flow from top to bottom without any attempt at colorblocking.

I’m quite a fan of this look..minimum styling, maximum impact just purely by the color. Or lack there of! 😂

I bought this top in while vintage shopping in LA and here I’m wearing Chloe jeans.

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