Plaid shirt days



This is easily, quite frankly, hands down my favorite casual style. This is probably what you would find me wearing almost every weekend. Its so easy and comfort ranks very high on my list.

I love a good novelty tshirt, and Kenzo makes some of the best ones, in fact I have 4 of these tshirts in different colors (hoarder alert!).

What I love best is just throwing on a plaid shirt over it. Its my preferred “jacket” if you may. Its casual, its functional (if it gets cold) (or if it gets too humid you tie it around your waist – that look is properly legit now) and well, it just looks more…cool than just wearing a tshirt. I’ve always been a person that feels thoroughly incomplete just wearing a tshirt and jeans. Somewhere in my heart of hearts it just felt… wrong. I needed something more…You know, I need the 💪 in my outfits! I love that it sort of emphasises the motif and the color of your tshirt even more than when you wear it on its own.

Its a tricky business choosing plaid shirts and thats part of the reason I dont have that many yet. Theres always the danger of looking a little too lumberjacky or too country. I think the trick is in the shades of color and the pattern of the squares on it..i think!

I hope everyones having a great Christmas with your loved ones! Are we ready for 2015? 😁✌️


2 thoughts on “Plaid shirt days

  1. so ready for 2015! 😀 plaid really is amazing and i love your pictures! you’re gorgeous and the kenzo top is perfect ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara 🙂

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