Zoe Karssen is ❤️

If I could pick a clothing brand that describes my style and personality…that would be Zoe Karssen. I have mad love for its tongue-in-cheek smart slogan tees that are also so so comfy to put on!

Here i styled it with a gradient hat by Lack of Color and Topshop’s ripped knee jeans, plus my highstreet buy of the season..the laced up Zara shoes! 

So that’s my obsession of the moment. I mean shoes..always.. But in particular, anything that is laced up. 

I’m looking forward to being in Europe again for two weeks. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, follow me on @justabitcliche on instagram, check out a few of my daily outfits and say hello! 💁🏻

Nat xx


Malaysia Grand Prix

So 2 weeks ago, this happened:


I am a huge, huge fan of motorsport – Formula 1 in particular. I’ve been to a few Malaysian Grand Prix and every single time I’ve loved it. The races never disappoint and Sepang is actually my favourite racing track in the world!

The fashion part tho is tricky. What do you wear thats race-appropriate and well, weather appropriate?  I usually forgo the fashionable aspect when it comes to attending races in the grandstands. Comfort all the way (and its only way).

 Tip: Please dont take out your maxi dresses or high heels or pretty white dresses tho  – its just wrong on so many levels. You want to visit labels like Stella Sport or Adidas by Stella if you’re looking for some ideas – at least thats what I did over the years. Her stuff is great for me because I play tennis too and it all works out. Too bad about the collection this year tho, I wasnt feeling any of it. 

To the grid walk, I wore an off shoulder Calvin Klein semi sheer tshirt and a pair of new season Zara statement shorts I picked up last minute, and alot of anti-frizz product in my hair. 😂


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Nat xx






Soooo I spent a few days in Bali two weeks ago for some sun sand and sea time. I came back questioning why I don’t come back every year. (Hah! 2015 bucketlist, check!)

I forgot how beautiful twilight and sunsets were over there! Every evening was a painting of the marriage of red and orange, beginning and end, light and dark. It was completely magical.

W Bali was pretty amazing, not to forget the photo opportunities at the resort. Some pictures have already been published on instagram @justabitcliche so I’m just going to share them here again! Enjoy them and til then, have a very merry Christmas!!

What I wore:
Purple Diane Bon Furstenberg dress
Free people tiered dress
DKNY maxi skirt
Zalora cape

Cape Hero




Let me just start off by saying this:

I love capes.
Like I have a serious love affair with capes.

I think it goes back to when I was a little girl and my standard roleplay back then had always involved a cape or a cloak of some kind. I would go to the mall with my cape, to the supermarket and even when I went to sleep, that thing had my back. (how’s my pun?)
Batman, superman, wonderwoman, you can say it was all too impressionable.

Luckily for me, fashion loves capes. Childsplay for me transformed into a fashionable escape – capes inject a sense of drama in an outfit and i just love that. I always require the 💪 in my outfits, that little touch that makes it my personal style.

So when I came across this dark blue “short sleeved” cape, you can guess how excited I became. My mind and quite possibly my mouth was chanting in unison: Add to cart, add to cart 😄

The weather’s been layer-friendly lately in Singapore. Stay tuned for more of me and my capes! Meanwhile, find me on instagram @justabitcliche ✌️

Cape Blazer by Ministry of Retail
Black skinny jeans by Rag & Bone