Malaysia Grand Prix

So 2 weeks ago, this happened:


I am a huge, huge fan of motorsport – Formula 1 in particular. I’ve been to a few Malaysian Grand Prix and every single time I’ve loved it. The races never disappoint and Sepang is actually my favourite racing track in the world!

The fashion part tho is tricky. What do you wear thats race-appropriate and well, weather appropriate?  I usually forgo the fashionable aspect when it comes to attending races in the grandstands. Comfort all the way (and its only way).

 Tip: Please dont take out your maxi dresses or high heels or pretty white dresses tho  – its just wrong on so many levels. You want to visit labels like Stella Sport or Adidas by Stella if you’re looking for some ideas – at least thats what I did over the years. Her stuff is great for me because I play tennis too and it all works out. Too bad about the collection this year tho, I wasnt feeling any of it. 

To the grid walk, I wore an off shoulder Calvin Klein semi sheer tshirt and a pair of new season Zara statement shorts I picked up last minute, and alot of anti-frizz product in my hair. 😂


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Nat xx


Boho Chic



Today..I feel like giving my white tiered ruffle dress a new character. How? By throwing a couple of things over it. Dont get me wrong, its a cute summery dress but dont you have some days when a dress just doesnt quite define your mood or who you want to be in that moment? 😁✌️

Here I paired fringe and ruffles, a combo I’ve never thrown on before…and I actually like it!

Fringe coverup, check. Studded mini bag, check. Hat, check. Boho chic! 💃

Fringe top by H&M
Dress by DKNY
Chloe bag
Hat by Lack of Color