Style Steal

Raise your hands if you love a steal. Raise your hands even higher if you’re a huge fan of French Connection.
I scored this.

Happy hunting!



Colorful Resolutions

So have your 2015 resolutions kicked in yet? Mine did today – and that is to wear color.

I had a sneaky suspicion that wasnt ever going to be a successful thing to do from the moment the thought of it entered my head…but try I must!

What do you think? 😂❤️



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Ensambl – The fashionable mobile app

Imagine this:

You’re all packed for New York for the week, you have planned what to wear for places you’re going to. All white ensemble and a pair of 5-inch stilettos that you would probably break-up with in approximately 12 hours.
And while you trusted the weather forecasters promising you great days ahead, the next thing you know you’re looking out of your hotel window wondering how you’re going to be battling frosty winds and 4 inches of snow.

Imagine this:

It’s summer in Melbourne. You’re ready for the convertible drive along Great Ocean Road and you have 5 great summer looks – shorts, dresses, mini dresses, denim cutoffs, mini skirts. But it’s only day one and you’re missing some layers of clothing and jackets you didn’t think you would need at all….

Ha! We’ve all been there, and for some of us we’re always there. Stuck with a suitcase full of all these amazing outfits but you can’t wear them because the weather gods decided to make it hard for you. Sitting in a puddle of clothes on the floor in despair. Yes, we all have been there.

But, something great is brewing.
We’re happy to introduce a new and refreshing mobile application – Ensambl.

Ensambl is a mobile app that curates outfits for inspiration and displays them according to the weather. (We’re thinking ‘genius’!) The inspiration behind Ensambl was when New York had a major snow storm last year that left founder Dalia Strum, unprepared and at a loss for outfits to wear.  Two hours later, 30 pages deep on Google and 15 fashion sites later, searching for outfit inspiration, Dalia started thinking about the fact that there needs to be an easier way of finding looks to browse through and save! 

And we couldn’t agree more.


Download the Ensambl app for free and spread the word! Here is how you can navigate the app:

  • You can change the state by clicking on the weather icons in the upper left corner
  • Save favorite images by swiping right (or clicking the heart below)  
  • Discard images by swiping left (or clicking the X icon below)
  • Tap on any images for more info
  • Touch the heart in the upper right corner to browse through your favorites

For more information, check these following outlets:-

Itunes App Store: Ensambl
Instagram: @ensambl

Tell us what you think! 



Nat & Suz


Très Chic!

Très Chic!

One of my favourite looks this winter! Love how the vest injects a military feel but the bonded white skirt keeps it a little whimsy. We live next to a forest in Holland, so in the winter everything there is … Continue reading

Black + White



Man, that jet lag is a b*tch! 🙂

I have a serious addiction with the colour black, especially if the ensemble has a mix of different textures. That’s how I like to do black. I make sure that when I put out an all-black outfit, I have more than 2 textures going on. For example, silk on cashmere, cotton under merino wool..

For a mostly-black ensemble like this one, I tend to always pick a skirt that has a punch. I prefer prints on bottoms than tops because I think that makes me look longer for some reason! And this skirt is perf because firstly, well its just a really cool skirt (hah!:) and second its abstract which I love, and its a artsy twist on black and white! Go find one in your nearest ZARA store now!

Jacket by Pull and Bear
Skirt by ZARA
200 denier tights by Wolford

p.s: find us on instagram @justabitcliche