Zoe Karssen is ❤️

If I could pick a clothing brand that describes my style and personality…that would be Zoe Karssen. I have mad love for its tongue-in-cheek smart slogan tees that are also so so comfy to put on!

Here i styled it with a gradient hat by Lack of Color and Topshop’s ripped knee jeans, plus my highstreet buy of the season..the laced up Zara shoes! 

So that’s my obsession of the moment. I mean shoes..always.. But in particular, anything that is laced up. 

I’m looking forward to being in Europe again for two weeks. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, follow me on @justabitcliche on instagram, check out a few of my daily outfits and say hello! 💁🏻

Nat xx



New outfit! What do you think? Sticking pretty closely to my resolution… 😂




Nat @justabitcliche

Boho Chic



Today..I feel like giving my white tiered ruffle dress a new character. How? By throwing a couple of things over it. Dont get me wrong, its a cute summery dress but dont you have some days when a dress just doesnt quite define your mood or who you want to be in that moment? 😁✌️

Here I paired fringe and ruffles, a combo I’ve never thrown on before…and I actually like it!

Fringe coverup, check. Studded mini bag, check. Hat, check. Boho chic! 💃

Fringe top by H&M
Dress by DKNY
Chloe bag
Hat by Lack of Color