Givenchy in the woods

Today is about running around in Givenchy.



I have a serious shoe fetish and while nothing quite makes my heart race like a shiny pointy stiletto pump, I have to woefully admit… I’m not big on wearing them every other day! I guess you can blame my 5’8 height for that, or well, you can blame my unrivalled dedication to flat shoes. 😬
Step into my shoe closet though and you’ll see rows and rows of heels that I have acquired… furniture. (Well tbh, they do make great mantlepieces!)

So anyway today I decided to give these Givenchy babies a spin, under a navy blue smart sleeveless blazer (so thats another thing i’m obsessed about) and a cute striped skirt. And to get that color pop – a bright red Chanel clutch!

Sleeveless blazer from MDS
Mango tank top
Skirt by F21
Chanel clutch
Givenchy Heels
Vince Camuto sunnies

Nat xx


Cape Cardigan



And my cape adventures continue!

Today it was one of those lazy days when I felt like just throwing on a tank top and a pair of snug jeans….and a cape cardigan. Do you like it?! 😜

I finished off this look with a pair of platform brogues, I quite like these manly shoes – especially the ones Stella Mccartney and Celine have been churning up. They are very tomboyish which is right up my alley, and they have that flat platform heel going on that manages to give you the extra height without the pain of heels!
I say, gimme more!

Cape Cardigan from Zalora
(Use my code ZBAP1A3 for 15%)
Taylor Swift’s trusty Aldo bag
Hermes belt in blue electric
Current Elliot jeans

Boho Chic



Today..I feel like giving my white tiered ruffle dress a new character. How? By throwing a couple of things over it. Dont get me wrong, its a cute summery dress but dont you have some days when a dress just doesnt quite define your mood or who you want to be in that moment? 😁✌️

Here I paired fringe and ruffles, a combo I’ve never thrown on before…and I actually like it!

Fringe coverup, check. Studded mini bag, check. Hat, check. Boho chic! 💃

Fringe top by H&M
Dress by DKNY
Chloe bag
Hat by Lack of Color


Cape Hero




Let me just start off by saying this:

I love capes.
Like I have a serious love affair with capes.

I think it goes back to when I was a little girl and my standard roleplay back then had always involved a cape or a cloak of some kind. I would go to the mall with my cape, to the supermarket and even when I went to sleep, that thing had my back. (how’s my pun?)
Batman, superman, wonderwoman, you can say it was all too impressionable.

Luckily for me, fashion loves capes. Childsplay for me transformed into a fashionable escape – capes inject a sense of drama in an outfit and i just love that. I always require the 💪 in my outfits, that little touch that makes it my personal style.

So when I came across this dark blue “short sleeved” cape, you can guess how excited I became. My mind and quite possibly my mouth was chanting in unison: Add to cart, add to cart 😄

The weather’s been layer-friendly lately in Singapore. Stay tuned for more of me and my capes! Meanwhile, find me on instagram @justabitcliche ✌️

Cape Blazer by Ministry of Retail
Black skinny jeans by Rag & Bone