Zoe Karssen is ❤️

If I could pick a clothing brand that describes my style and personality…that would be Zoe Karssen. I have mad love for its tongue-in-cheek smart slogan tees that are also so so comfy to put on!

Here i styled it with a gradient hat by Lack of Color and Topshop’s ripped knee jeans, plus my highstreet buy of the season..the laced up Zara shoes! 

So that’s my obsession of the moment. I mean shoes..always.. But in particular, anything that is laced up. 

I’m looking forward to being in Europe again for two weeks. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, follow me on @justabitcliche on instagram, check out a few of my daily outfits and say hello! 💁🏻

Nat xx


Topshop vest

Topshop is having a pretty kick-ass collection at the moment, churning up some good classics that you can keep forever

Previously, I blogged about their longline duster trench which has the power to take you through the seasons.

Today its about this vest.  


Its got a tomboy cut which I love.  This vest is beyond versatile. At the top of my head, its works great with a great motif bodycon dress, high waist shorts and skirts, playsuits. Everything

I’m a huge fan of lightweight outerwear, because it makes dressing for summer so much more fun. It comes in two colors, grey and blue. Normally, grey being my favorite color and all, I would take the grey in a heartbeat – but this time the blue wins. Why? Because its perfect, understated and the color works the scuba-ish material perfectly.

Here I kept the colors of my clothes solid and clean because I wanted wear these gladiators out! ✌️


Nat xx

Hello Malaysia!



Look – its the Petronas towers! Excited to be back in the good city of Kuala Lumpur. 😎

Today I’m wearing my favorite piece from Topshop this season – the sleeveless belted duster. 

Its essentially a great layering piece, and will easily get you through the seasons. Dress it up, dress it down, its your choice. Its so versatile! 


In a closet of mostly black and white and alot of greys, this neon pink blazer looks either a) incredibly out of place or b) a cry for help. Its not my favourite color in the world but I do know its a shade that compliments darker skin tones like mine.

When I wear pink, I immediately grab something gray because I feel they just work so well together. I got this neon number from Warehouse during my recent trip to London!

I’ve been taking some inspiration from girl of the moment – Taylor Swift or Taytay as I prefer to call her 😂 She’s been spotted many many times with this trusty oxblood satchel from Aldo. Almost couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it there in the store (plus it was the only one) so I had to call it mine! ❤️



Warehouse blazer
Three Floor tank top
Topshop tweed shorts
Aldo bag