Miss Saigon

Last week, I was in Vietnam for five days, in Ho Chi Minh City (better known as Saigon) to be exact.
My first impression was wow – this place is authentically..european. French to be exact.
Nothing has changed since the last time I visited Saigon in 2012, and that sorta worked in my favor because during the previous trip I discovered the best crepe joint for dessert, and a great italian place! If its not obvious yet, I love food! ✌️

But that tune will change soon because I am going on a no-carb diet. I’ll be blogging about it at the end of every week, just to show you how I make it thru (or didnt make it, who knows, its up for debate!) 😂

But i’m positively excited about it! Are you on a special diet? Share with me!

For now..let me share some pictures I took I in Vietnam.


That was at the Notredame cathedral and the bricks were vandalised with random names(albeit beautifully to me). Lots of history with this church! Loved the walls alot.

These ones below are taken along the main streets of Saigon! Truly the simple life, I do envy some aspects of it. Its definitely a booming country with lots of potential and its also super duper interesting because people who have a war history with this country want to come back here for some kind of closure. I heard that the average age is under 30! I mean, wow!




2015/01/img_88331.jpgIf you’re looking to discover Asia, you really should consider this city. And after you’re done with it, hop on over to Singapore where we can have coffee 😜!


The black and white of things



Black and white is an addiction, there should be a scientific condition for that alongside OCD, ADD, ADHD and whatever else.

Or maybe there already is, then you are very welcome to educate all of us 😜

When I put on white jeans, I look for a top with a certain fluidity in the fabric that would give me a more flattering shape. White jeans normally looks “rigid” purely due to it being the color that it is, even though they can have alot of elastane stretch. I avoid belts at all cost with white jeans because it automatically chops your body in half. What you would want to achieve is a single non stop flow from top to bottom without any attempt at colorblocking.

I’m quite a fan of this look..minimum styling, maximum impact just purely by the color. Or lack there of! 😂

I bought this top in while vintage shopping in LA and here I’m wearing Chloe jeans.

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